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Sido Muncul E-procurement system is an online or electronic goods and services procurement platform in accordance with PT Industri Jamu Dan Farmasi Sido Muncul’s corporate guidelines.
As a form of Sido Muncul’s commitment to always maintain the principals of Good Corporate Governance, and the implementation of Sido Muncul’s Business Ethics and Work Ethics, we hereby convey the following items :
  1. Sido Muncul prioritizes to purchase directly from manufacturers of goods/ services or farmers.
  2. Suppliers who participate in the procurement process must the following requirements:
    • Vendor is a legal business entity and can be proven with relate documents.
    • Have the expertise, experience, technical ability and management capability in accordance with their line of business.
    • Have facilities and human resources needed in accordance with their line of business.
    • Have completed legal documentations (eg. NPWP, SIUP, TDP, etc)
    • Vendor is not in trouble with legal issues, which can have impacts on operational failure
  3. Sido Muncul does not collect/ impose any fees for the entire process of Partner Registration and also Goods/ Services Procurement in Sido Muncul. If there are parties, who are trying to collect fees by promising something/ offering assistance for related process, please ignore it and further inform this matter via our Whistle Blowing System at :
Email : compliance.officer@sidomuncul.co.id
For more information about our Whistle Blowing System, please refer to this link