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  1. New Vendor Registration Terms and Conditions
  2. Prospective vendors who will conduct the Tender of Goods/Services at PT Industri Jamu Dan Farmasi Sido Muncul Tbk (“the Company”) must register online for qualifications and classification of prospective suppliers
    Vendor Registration for Goods/Services
    • Prospective vendors who will conduct the Tender of Goods/Services at the Company must register online to be listed as the selected partner of the Company
    • Registration to determine the Company’s selective vendors will be conducted by the General Division of Goods and Services Procurement
    • Prospective vendors who have passed the certification will be listed on the List of Selected Vendors to be Invited according to their qualification and classification of fields and scope of work
    • Certification requirements that must be fulfilled:

      • - Prospective Vendors as a Business Entity
      • Letter of Business Permit / Certificate of Domicile, Company Registration (or equivalent document)
      • Tax Registration Number
      • Last 1 year recent tax payment
      • Nominated letter as PKP or SPPKP (if any)
      • Company Registration Certificate and or Main Business Number
      • Original Bank Reference Letter from State Owned National Bank or Regional Owned Bank
      • The latest financial year of Audited Financial Statements, if not audited to be replaced with a Financial Statement on a company letterhead paper, stamped, company’s stamped, and signed by the head of the company
      • Deed of Establishment/ Articles of Association and its amendments which have been legalized by the Ministry of Law & Human Rights for Limited Company (PT), from the District Court for Limited Partnership (CV), and from the Ministry of Cooperatives & SMEs for Cooperatives
      • Management Identification Card
      • Business permit according to the line of business field issued by the authorized agency
      • Special Permit or Special Certification according to the company’s field or sub-field application
      • Agency/Distributor Certificate and/or Registered Letter as Agent/Distributor
      • A list of recent work experiences according to submitted field or sub-field application, supported by information about employer, location, time, and result score of the job
      • Original Code of Conduct (letter of undertaking) signed on a stamp
      • Other requirements according to field (see attached E-PROCUREMENT REGISTRATION DOCUMENTS)

        - Prospective Individual Vendors with Specific Expertise

      • Have an Indonesian Taxpayer Identification Number
      • Have Indonesian ID Card (“KTP”) for Indonesian citizen and Temporary Resident Permits (“KITAS”) for Foreigners
      • Graduated from accredited state or private or foreign university, proven by a copy of diploma certificates and/or have a certification of expertise from a competent institution
      • Have experiences in its field as outlined in the curriculum vitae which must be written carefully and correctly, signed by the person concerned, known by the head of the company, except for individual consultant
      • Foreign experts must follow the applicable laws and regulations of labor and immigration

        - Principles of Certification

      • In the process of certifying prospective vendors, the Tender Function may not prohibit, hinder, and limit the participation of prospective participants of the Tender of Goods/Services
      • Notification of selected vendor will be sent via e-procurement and e-mail of the Tender of Goods/Services